The Delco Difference

Why Delco?

Delco services elevator contractors and OEMs in Canada, the US (including Puerto Rico and Hawaii) and the Caribbean.

Our customers typically enjoy these benefits:

  1. In Stock: We keep our inventory stocked to make sure that customers receive what they need, when they need it.
  2. 24 Hours: From when you place your order until it's picked, packed and shipped out the door.
  3. US & Canadian Locations: No hassles, no border crossings, no tariffs, no waits... your order will be fulfilled and shipped in country.
  4. Non-Proprietary: Delco’s products are universal – perfect for modernizations.
  5. Proven Products: Delco manufactures and distributes products that are tried, tested and proven in the field.
  6. Compliant: Delco products and equipment meet all elevator industry compliance and certification standards
  7. Value for Money: In a highly competitive marketplace, Delco provides the best quality elevator equipment at the lowest possible prices.
  8. Personal, Knowledgeable Staff and Service: Always on hand to assist you with your unique requirements!

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We’d love to hear from you and give you a quote on your next project. Our competitive prices may just put a little more money in your pocket on your next modernization project.

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