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In a highly competitive marketplace, Delco provides the best quality elevator equipment at the lowest possible prices.

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  • Our elevator components and hoist way equipment is in stock, code compliant and proven in the field.
  • Your time matters and we promise to answer your call or email in minutes and to fulfill your order in 24 hours.
  • With warehouses located in Vancouver BC Canada and in Ferndale WA USA, we proudly deliver to all of North America and the Caribbean.

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  • Delco services over 300 elevator contractors and OEMs in Canada, the US (including Puerto Rico and Hawaii) and the Caribbean.
  • Many of our customers have trusted our products and worked with us for 10 years or more.

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Our Products

Elevator Machines

HAIDER is a full line of CSA approved elevator machines for modernization & new construction.
Introducing The Ultimate Combination Of Quality And Affordability.

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New Construction Packages

Delco Elevator Products will get you all the components you need for your next MRL, MR or Hydraulic projects.  Customize the cab interior with Delco too! 

Convenience - Flexibility - Value

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Parts & Tools: 

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