Torin TPM2 MRL 8mm (5/16") Machine

Torin TPM2 MRL 8mm (5/16") Machine


MRL Elevator Machines

Whether you require a 10mm (3/8") or a 8mm (5/16") elevator MRL machine, we will help you find the best option. All MRL elevator machines are A17.1 compliant and CSA certified. 

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With our “Delco Modernization Package” our customers save 10% on all Delco elevator components and parts purchased with any elevator machine.

TPM2 MRL 8mm (5/16") Elevator Machine Description

  • Intended for MRL applications with single wrap and 2:1 roping
  • A17.1 compliance
  • CSA B44.1/ASME A17.5 Certification (CSA File No.243553)
  • Maximum full load mass: Up to 13174 lbs
  • Maximum speed: Up to 350 fpm
  • Maximum capacity: Up to 2500 lbs @ 45% Cwt
  • Duo brake system (no need for rope gripper)
  • Sheave Diameter: 13.39″ (340 mm)
  • Up to 7 x 8 mm ropes
  • Energy efficient PM Motor: 20-poles
    High voltage version HV is suitable for 460V inverter
    Low voltage version LV is suitable for 208-230V inverter
  • Absolute encoder: Heidenhain ECN413 with 2048 ppr
  • Estimated weight: 990 lbs


TPM2-8 MRL Specifications Sheet (PDF)

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