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Standard Elevator Systems

Delco has been providing elevator machines for modernizations for over 10 years. Our modernization packages include the best solution from the complete line of Torin Drive (Standard Elevator Systems) elevator traction machines.

Our service staff is ready and available to take your calls and work on your next elevator modernization project with you. 

MRL Elevator Machines

Whether you require a 10mm (3/8") or a 8mm (5/16") elevator MRL machine, we will help you find the best option. All MRL elevator machines are A17.1 compliant and CSA certified. 

Mod Packages Available

With our “Delco Modernization Package” our customers save 10% on all Delco elevator components and parts purchased with any elevator machine.

Delco has been distributing the entire line of Torin Drive machines for over 10 years. Our service staff is ready and available to take your calls and work on your project with you.

US and Canadian Locations

Did you know that Delco has delivered over 1000 elevator machines to elevator contractors in the US, Canada and the Caribbean? Take a look at our customer list. With a warehouse in Canada and in the US, working with us is easy! 

Get in touch and let us to help you put an estimate together!

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  • Torin TSM MRL 10mm (3/8") Machine
    Torin TSM MRL 10mm (3/8
  • Torin TPM1 MRL 8mm (5/16") Machine
    Torin TPM1 MRL 8mm (5/16
  • Torin TPM2 MRL 8mm (5/16") Machine
    Torin TPM2 MRL 8mm (5/16
  • Torin TPM2 MRL 10mm (3/8") Machine
    Torin TPM2 MRL 10mm (3/8
  • Torin TPM3 MRL 8mm (5/16") Machine
    Torin TPM3 MRL 8mm (5/16
  • Torin TPM4 MRL 10mm (3/8") Machine
    Torin TPM4 MRL 10mm (3/8